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Time is money.
How much do you have left?

Owning Part Of The Next Big Thing? How About You?

And we're not talking about just companies like Google, Amazon, Apple & Facebook; we're talking about much, much more. Most people dream about it daily. onlythose provides the capability to make it reality for anyone and everyone!

Forget what you know about crowdfunding - this is different.

It's fun for anyone. It's free to participate. And onlythose is very unique - it lives beyond the JOBS Act, meaning equity crowdfunding without restrictions based on net worth for limitless potential!

Buy things with time. Unlock things with time. Before the Exclusive count runs down to zero, you will be able to use some of your extra time!

$184+ Million

David Choe, a graffiti artist, was paid by Mark Zuckerberg in future Facebook stock to create an office mural back when the company was still very, very young.

$184+ Million

David Choe, a graffiti artist, was paid by Mark Zuckerberg in future Facebook stock to create an office mural back when the company was still very, very young.

$600+ Million

William Shatner, though denying the amount, was paid partly in future Priceline stock to be cast as "The Negotiator" in the company's television commercials.

$3.15+ Million In

Kristoffer Koch, forgetting a $27-for-5,000 bitcoin purchase in 2009 while their value increased to over $629 each, realizes his chance investment paid off!

$3 $4+ Billion Offer

Evan Spiegel turned down this offer from Google to buy Snapchat. This is after $1 billion and $3 billion offers from Facebook...for a simple photo sharing mobile application.

$400+ Million

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, after $3.2 billion Google acquisition of Nest (a smart home thermometer), received a 20x return on their $20 million investment in just 4 years.

$3+ Billion!

Keeping their heads ringin', Apple buys Dr. Dre & company's Beats headphones. It's Apple's largest aquisitioin to date.

$19 Billion!

Facebook buys WhatsApp. Simply insane.
Sequoia Capital will receive a 50x return or about $3.2 billion for their original $60 million investment in the app.

Questions? open all

  1. What's in it for me and the people I invite?

    onlythose is a new kind of crowdfunding platform where anyone (with time on their clock) can participate, meaning you are able to fund and/or receive an equity percentage (ownership) in new startups and existing businesses.

    Money is definitely involved but participation is always 100% free. Plenty will be revealed and onlythose receive something (some more than others), that is if you still have time left on your clock when the Exclusive Count hits zero.

  2. Is there real money involved?

    There's absolutely money involved. Your eligibility is contingent on time. Play and be rewarded because with onlythose, everyone is rewarded!

  3. Why do I need time?

    If you've ever seen the sci-fi movie "In Time" (Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde - watch trailer), you'll get the idea. Time becomes the only recognized currency and, in turning 25 years old, each person receives 1 year of time for use as money unless they earn/acquire more. People are "timed out" (killed) if all their time expires.

    As part of onlythose you'll do something similar (time is your "lifeline"). HOWEVER, the Exclusive Countdown (the very large 9 up the page) creates the major difference between the movie concept and ours. If you personally don't have time left BEFORE it reaches zero, you have no chance of playing...for a year!

  4. Why only Facebook?

    It's mostly because the average Facebook user has 1 account whereas the average person has 3 email accounts. We're trying to limit people from joining on multiple email accounts and sending all their clock time from each to a single account to game the system. Fake accounts, however, will not help you!

  5. What determines how much time I'm given when I join?

    Several internal factors determine how much initial time you receive but that'll be revealed too.

  6. What's the personal luck factor?

    A luck factor between 1 and 11 is randomly given to you upon joining and doesn't change unless you act to increase it. Consider a game with points - if you usually earn 100 points as a regular player, an onlythose player with a luck factor of 8 would earn 800 points while another player with a luck factor of 2 would earn 200 points doing the same thing. Points are important later!...but so is luck.

  7. What happens when I "give time?"

    You may be given years of time initially when you begin to race against time which you'll never need before the Exclusive Countdown hits zero (nobody knows when the game starts but it's definitely not going to be years). Others may only receive 24 hours and they'll need others in onlythose to donate time so they can keep going. You can give 1 hour or you can give all but 2 hours of your time to anyone. Simply create time links and share them. If they claim it, your time becomes theirs. It's that simple. HOWEVER, links are in REAL time, meaning once you generate it, the clock begins to tick on it. So if you are giving away an hour, in an hour it's expired - both to you and the person you give it to. TICK TOCK.

  8. Can I increase my personal luck factor?

    The highest luck factor is 12. If you hit 12, you can run completely out of time and still play! If you'd like to increase it, invite people to play! Your number goes up with more friends playing. If you do hit 12, give some time away! People will definitely need it!

  9. So I can invite whomever I like?

    Any of your friends. Anyone who likes to play games. Absolutely.

  10. How can I increase my time?

    Others can give (donate) time or you can tell others to become part of onlythose. You receive an extra 24 hours for each person multiplied by your luck factor (so if you have a luck factor of 4, you'll get 96 hours of time added to your own clock). The amount will slowly decrease over time so get it while you can!

  11. Can I cash in time at the end of the Exclusive Countdown (start date)?

    Remember the old adage "you can't take it to the grave." Leftover time may be worth something but it may not (and we're not telling you until it starts). Of course on the flip side, giving time away to those in need could earn you a Robin Hood status among both your peers and onlythose, possibly worth even more! It's your choice to hold onto your time or not!

  12. Are there any other eligibity requirements?

    You must be located within the U.S. to play this round. You can sign up outside the U.S. but you cannot play yet. Of course, because onlythose deals in real money, you are required to have an accurate profile (real name / email) and be at least 13 years old (preferably 18+) to make a claim.

  13. What if the big Exclusive Countdown hits zero before I join or have no time?

    You won't be able to play for a year. For serious. However, you may also hedge yourself by also (or only) registering via email here. Only 1 in 4 of these people will be able to play and can't increase their Luck Factor.

  14. Will it cost me anything?

    Not at all. Membership and playing the game are absolutely free. You'll never be asked to pay for anything.

  15. When does the crowdfunding part begin?

    It's when the Exclusive Countdown hits zero and that depends on everyone! As more people race against time, it counts down faster. As more people give and claim time, 9 will turn to 8 even faster. In the end the people with time left will win. Everyone else will just have to watch.

  16. What's unique about onlythose crowdfunding?

    onlythose obliterates certain restrictions and allows anyone - not just accredited investors - the ability to participate in real equity-based crowdfunding. It's not just unique; it's mythical.

  17. Where did the idea come from?

    It's based on several failures of something else, ultimately sparking the completely unrelated idea for onlythose and venturing away from exclusive dating. Read about the embracing of failure here.

  18. I have a question. Can I get in touch?

    Sure can! Please contact us here.


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